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Città di Castello

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Città di Castello is perhaps the only Umbrian city that has very little medieval, having been modeled, in the Renaissance period, by the Vitelli family who, with the help of Tuscan architects, such as Antonio da Sangallo and Giorgio Vasari, transformed it into a city of clear Renaissance imprint.
To visit absolutely there are the Palazzo del Podestà, the Civic Tower, the Town Hall, the San Florido and Amanzio Cathedral, the of St. Domenico Church, the Santa Maria Maggiore Church, the Municipal Art Gallery at Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera, the Burri Collection. to the former dryers, etc.
Also for Città di Castello the list of things to see and / or visit is very long.
Once you have parked your car in one of the many parkings outside the city walls, you will have the city all to yourself, it will only depend on your desire to walk, so after the visit you can return to La Pietra Rara and cool off in the swimming pool of the relaxation area .

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Città di Castello's Events
Below are listed the events that will take place in Città di Castello, if any of these events should interest you, check if we have availability for that period.
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